Rainbows and Pots of Gold Songtext
von Stereophonics

Rainbows and Pots of Gold Songtext

I heard ya doing well
Selling art and everything
I like ya stuff, good for you
I'll buy a piece or maybe two

Do you ever think of me?
D'ya remember all our stupid dreams?
Rainbows and pots of gold
So much to prove before we got old

I took ya places round the world
I miss ya face sometimes ya know
You took my picture a thousand times
I'll buy them back' I don't mind

I lost my way but found my track
I'm sorry if I never listened back
I've been round, I've been up and down
And you missed the one we dressed like clowns

How's ya car? How's ya life?
How's my friend? when's she gonna be your wife?
I'm sitting up writing down
Things I sometimes dream about

I knew ya number off by heart
That's the only one I liked to talk
It wasn't me using you
I trusted you one of the few

We had some laughs, had some rows
But in the end the walls came down
You'd like the place I'm living now
It's a shame you can't come around

I've grown a lot since we last spoke
Got myself together fixed what was broke
I wonder if we'll talk again
Drink together, just like then

Suppose it's different, now it's new
Whoever points the finger at who
I really hope ya happy both of you
And maybe sometimes you miss me too

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