It Won't Be Easy Songtext
von Songs: Ohia

It Won't Be Easy Songtext

compass bright scarecrow balance blackness
ember moon girl easy lips
attacker stare balance ending

light of the caravan and thunder across the vast plain above the wings
loom like sickles above them there wings loom like sickles
their hearts and their black hearts
the sand and the sand that darkens the blood
their wings loom above like sickles
a son of the earth has not put out the night
it's breath won't catch up, the wilderness in front (x2)

the sand is thick in the blood
the moon and the black moon beside the moon
the owl and the black owl beside the owl
the moons above like a sickle (x2)

as the hardest day quiet ends
chalk on the wet wood around the shadow
of alphabets around the globe
all of these corrections and all of these failings
all of these corrections permanent says:
tell me to remember (x2)
your pulse beats on forever in the wreckage of this man
briar is coiled around his star (x2)
and you write the word for this and you write for this with your eyes closed (x2)
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