Everything Should Try Again Songtext
von Jason Molina

Everything Should Try Again Songtext

You don't forgive the silence for not speaking up
No matter how hard we're trying it's not hard enough
Your eyes before the lightning to meet it by yourself
You've been tired and a little sick
You've been trying to work with it
You drew your grave on every single map
You don't plan on staying long
You plan on burning it
No matter how wrong it went
You don't have much more room to forget
You don't have much more room to forget
You don't forgive even the lightning
For leaving you
But everything should try again
Even you
You followed the train through every prarie dawn
Said “I'd like to see Ohio one more time before it's goneâ€
You had your hands up high in a prayer to crush your heart
And every single heart
Was that eight point star
Ever been tired
Ever been a little sick
Ever tried working through it

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