Blue Factory Flame Songtext
von Songs: Ohia

Blue Factory Flame Songtext

When i die put my bones in an empty street to remind me of how it used to be
Don't write my name on a stone bring a Coleman lantern and a radio
Cleveland game and two fishing poles and watch with me from the shore
Ghostly steel and iron ore ships coming home
Where i am paralyzed by the emptiness(x4)
Clearly iron age beasts you can tell by the rust and the chains
And by the oil that they bleed the crew and crows fly the skulls and bones
They fly the colors of their homes i fly the cross of the blue factory flame
Stitched with heavy sulpher thread/threat
They ain't proud colors but they're true colors of my home
Where i am paralyzed by the emptiness (x4)
Every mile for ten thousand miles and every year for a thousand years
Every night for a thousand more i hear them calling
They never say to come home (x2)
Where i am paralyzed by the emptiness(x4)

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