Buzzard Luck Songtext
von Son Seals

Buzzard Luck Songtext

I was born on the 13th hour
born on the 13th day
Bad luck and trouble are all
that come my way
I should be flying over that desert
just like that long neck bird
trying to find something
I can make a ummmm
I'm so tired, I could cry
I can't kill nothin' boy
and won't nothing die

I came to the city
long before my time
trying to make my fortune
eat well wine and dine
But boy when I got here
it went the other way
I slept in the park
all night Y'all
and walked the streets all day

Bad ol' buzzard has got me
I feel like I could cry
I can't kill nothin' boy
and won't nothing die

I went down to the welfare
to try and get some help
They said no boy we're sorry
we don't have enough for ourself
well they threw me out of the office
and told me to go away
come back and try your luck
boy some other day

(repeat chours)

Oh look at the mess I got myself into now
been fooling around this old town
for three long months in a row
and ain't been having nothing but buzzard luck
I can't kill nothing and won't nothin' die
I done got down to my last twenty cents
I don't know what to do with this
whether I should try to make a phone call home
or go on and keep this and see if I can build it up
I tell ya'
Look at my shoes they done fell apart
and my socks are hangin' out
I don't know what to do
I think maybe I'll go down on 43rd street
see if I can look up my friends Buddy Guy and Junior Wells
Maybe I'll get a little hand out huh?
But on the other hand before I do
I feel like playin' the blues before I go
Is that alright?

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