Make Sense Songtext
von Skizzy Mars

Make Sense Songtext

Yeah ... Uh
Bad bitch with Topanga lips
Passing on the joint to her friend saying "take a hit"
Real smooth, Anita Baker shit
Told her she was cute and she didn't know what to make of it
Well, don't let it go to your head
Bought this bottle of Dom, it's going straight to the head
I smoked a quarter tonight, you know I need my meds
A couple of percocets, that put me straight in the bed
I send you home in a car, I buy you drinks at the bar
Look at my business card, girl that shit says "Mars"
I treat your ass like a star, we could go so far
Lookin' for a real girl, real girl like (girl moans)
Cause now we're jokin' and flirtin', Me I'm calling you nervous
You take so long to respond, I bet you do that on purpose
Your man don't give a damn, but me I feel like you're worth it
You think it's fun now, we barely scratched the surface, girl

Now it all makes sense, sip this now it all makes sense
I know you've been working hard, trying to pay rent
I see you need a break from the times you face it
Sip this now it all makes sense, just hit this it will all make sense
I see you've been working hard, trying to pay rent
I know you need a break from the times you face it, so

Your ex-man staring at me like cyclops
We was drinking homie, why not
I said "it was fun, so why stop?"
It's not my fault that you're confused
I know I could have her, but I'd rather be with you
And I know you got a man, but you just can't have two
I ain't with it so just ditch it, loving when your eyes glisten
Fills up like a piston, fuck with the kid, girl they kitten
Conquer the world, the mission
Ride around and we getting it
They do it once in a while but the key is being consistent
Backstage at my shows, got a couple rolled
I bring out the ace of spades, I think your man will probably fold
Tell me what you want to do, I'm a man of fortitude
She like "you sing so much", but I'm nice with my words too
Don't worry, be happy, that's just love actually
You say you need a change, well then girl lets make a move

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