Numb Songtext
von Skizzy Mars

Numb Songtext

Tickets at the door
It's you on the guest list
You plus four
Make sure you bring some bad bitches
I've been sleeping on the bus, got me sore
For about a month smokin' blunts
And we just turned in somethin' that was great
Had me waking each day like
Damn this chick is dope, let's pray
It lasts I really hope it does
And usually I don't
Cause usually it won't
And all we need's a little kush
We're scared of this, we're scared of us
Our feelings we can barely trust
This booze got us impaired as fuck

I don't think were in love
That's just the drugs
Don't they make you feel numb
You can't feel at all
Maybe if we loved ourselves
It wouldn't be so hard
It wouldn't be so hard
To love each other

More rounds, more rounds
Thats what we telling them
Slow down, slow down
Thats what they telling us
If the bar closes at 4: 00 and it's only 1: 30
Then why would we stop so early?
Finally got a taxi, mumbling your addy
Fighting over a girl named Abigail or Maddie
Or maybe it was Ashley, maybe it was Gabby
But notice I'm with you cause you the only one that matters
Maybe you shouldn't have dated a rapper
This shit is love and hate but lately mostly the latter
I just wanna live it up, call you my distant love
We get so distant from drugs got our systems numb
She just really like the talk, she don't wanna listen much
Shouldn't this be easier? It's so difficult

I'm so slow-mo
Stumblin' and falling
I guess you could call me
An alcoholic
I'm not sober
And I'm not over... you
You, Yeah

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