We Must Not Songtext
von Selah

We Must Not Songtext

Come now let us reason together
There is work to be done
There's a lot of evil around us
I can feel the darkness coming on It's coming on strong

But the Father's love is deeper still
And the whole wide world is a mission field
Take my hand let's hold each other up

Brother won't you bear my burden
I need you to stand with me
There are souls to be won
I may be a martyr staring at a gun
But we must not keep the gospel from anyone
We must not keep the gospel from anyone

You and I are not that different
Deep inside we want everyone to know Jesus loves
You may be an ocean away
I'm on the front lines of my faith
But in the Spirit we're one

You see prayer is so powerful
Darkness flees, dominions fall
Side by side let's keep pressing on

I don't need you to pray for my safety
For I am in the Father's hands
Just pray that I would know His will
And stand up strong like Steven did
Even in the face of death

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