Castaway Songtext
von Seabound

Castaway Songtext

Pain unlike pleasure
Wears no mask
What about trust?
It's funny you should ask

A force inside me craved
To love you
But I preferred to close my eyes
And now you're gone
And I turn out to be the one
That can't go on

You just have to be mine
I love you
And I have proof
I drilled a hole
Into the body of this boat

Take this ray of light
Veil the moon and hold the tide
Calm the wind - you might
Control the sea

If you save my life
We will rise
And shine so bright
That the stars will go blind
And leave
Leave the sky

You're the world I want to live in
Can I exist in you?
Oh, you want proof
Another shipwreck to amuse you?

If we allow our souls to fly
We could meet in the sky
You go your way
I'll cross your line
From time to time

Are you the fire that burns me?
The ice that cracks beneath me?

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