Always You Songtext
von Schiller

Always You Songtext

Went from the east to the west
With stories to erase
From my heart, my fingers and my face
I've tried my very best
No matter wherever i am
There's nothing i can do
Cause my love has only one name
And it is you
I believe that some things
Are destined
They're meant to happen
I believed that my heart
Had chosen
The one in a million
I've opened all doors
And all access
For you to get into
Now this heart is cold

And it's homeless
Because of you
Memories forced me to remember
To safe love from anger
I can't stop myself but to wonder
Wished i had been better
Counting the time that i've wasted
Over someone new
Cause one thing that i ever wanted
Is only you.
It's only a matter of time
I know soon i will find
That feeling so close to divine
Someone i can call mine
But silence is pounding in my head
Hit me through and through
What everything fails to forget
Is always you

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