Strong Arm of the Law Songtext
von Saxon

Strong Arm of the Law Songtext

I was listening to the music on the radio (*)
I had a feeling that something′s not right
The music was loud, we could still hear the crowd
From the gig that we played that night

We pulled into a motorway restaurant
Stopped awhile, fooled around
But I still had a feeling that something's not right
′Cause we're standing in a whole in the ground

Stop, get out (**)
We are the strong arm of the law
Stop, get out
We are the strong arm of the law

Into the night came a blue flashing light
A blast from the siren to make sure
But it came to a stop behind the motorway cop
Who'd been tailing us for more than an hour

He pulled us out of the car on the side of the road
He questioned us one at a time
Where is the gear that we know that you use
We said the only speed we use is on cars

(Repeat **)

You should′ve seen the stupid smirk drop from his face
It was a negative exercise
The way that we dress and the things that we do
They thought it was an easy bust
(Repeat *)
(Repeat **)

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