To Wander the Night's Eternal Path Songtext
von Sargeist

To Wander the Night's Eternal Path Songtext

Glorious, glorious witchcraft
In mysteries as in plain truths
Lost art of the ones who see clarity
All that which remains in secrecy
As a flame taking root in the heart
Of one sworn to walk the hidden path
As an insight unlike no other
To be able to look into primordial night

Glorious, glorious witchcraft
In anathema for ages and ages
For there is no slave with an eye
Deeply connected to undeniable wisdom
Harnessing a full cognition
In deference to the lord of lords
Always feared and loathed
Amongst the rabble of this world

Glorious, glorious witchcraft
Enlightened far beyond the reaches
Of all that which causal musings
May ever be reflected upon
For it is not one path
But an entire map of roads
On which the sorcerous will
Shall set foot forevermore

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