Iron, Blood & Blasphemy Songtext
von Sargeist

Iron, Blood & Blasphemy Songtext

Terve Suomi, Isanmaa!
Your song will echo ever long
Burnt with pride into our heart
With honor marked on our souls

Your blue eyes are the thousand lakes
Our banner white and blue
You are clad in white of the winter
Beauty of the north so true
And the nights of summer they are bright
With endless sun among the stars
And forests vast and cruel
Breathe the culture of our race

We are from the Cavalry Town
Once with name Lapwestrandh
Once again we will return
Regain the pagan past
Every flag will celebrate our sign
Iron sun wheel of the gods
We will rid the land of the plague
Burn the churches to the ground

Comradeship through iron and blood
We unite in sacred war
Our hearts forged unto battle
Thirsting for the victory
There is nothing stopping our march
Black holocaust funeral march
Terve Suomi, Isanmaa
With blood and honor, iron and blasphemy

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