Station Identification (intro) Songtext
von Saigon feat. Fatman Scoop

Station Identification (intro) Songtext

[Just Blaze:] So whattup?
[Saigon:] What up, Fam'?
[Just Blaze:] You good?
[Saigon:] I'm chillin', man. Holdin' my head.
[Just Blaze:] I had to come over here to see my family for a minute!
[Saigon:] 'Preciate it, man!
[Just Blaze:] How they been treatin' you over here?
[Saigon:] You know? It is what it is, man. Ain't, you know? Psssh! It is what it is, bro.
Sssh, man... Yo, listen! They can hold your body, youkno'msayin'?
They can hold you, but they can't hold your spirit!
[Saigon:] I get up out here soon, man. I keep doin' my thing; you know, man?
[Just Blaze:] Word! I brought you something, tho.
[Saigon:] What you got?
It's a little alarm clock joint, youkno'Imean? It ain't much.
Obviously, you can't have much in here but just somethin', you know? Can escape for a
Little while, or stay, you know? At least... stay up with what's goin' on outside!
[Saigon:] Nah, man.
[Just Blaze:] Doin' a little music, a little news, whatever! Youkno'msayin'?
[Saigon:] Ahh, appreciate it, but-but, but you left some of my books, tho?
[Just Blaze:] HEEH! I got you at like 75.
[Saigon:] Oh, word? That's good lookin', man! Good lookin', man!
[Just Blaze:] You about to be jailed Marcus up!
[Saigon:] Psss! I can't wait! Who you tellin', man? Eehhh!
[Just Blaze:] Heheheh! Yo! Hold it down, tho.
[Saigon:] Nah, loves, man. Appreciate it, man.!
[Just Blaze:] It's good to see you.
[Saigon:] I'm proud of you, man!
[Just Blaze:] 'Ey, 'ey!
[Saigon:] Keep up the good work, man!
[Just Blaze:] I'll be back next Friday, for sure!
[Saigon:] My man... Peace!
[Just Blaze:] Aiight?
[Saigon:] Yeah. [radio changing stations]
"Bang! - Whether you real with' it, or just playin' games... " [static]
"Pop a pussy person for purposely per'... " [radio changing stations]
"Me when I'm rhymin', remarkable timin'... " [radio changing stations]
"Kickin' that soldier shit - and I'll... " [radio changing stations]
"Nukka Saigon, where'd you get that... " [radio changing stations] [beat starts]
The official #1 for street music, WFKR, Just Blaze Radio!
Fatman Scoop A.K.A. Big Colorado!
Couple ways you can reach me:
1-800-223-9800, or your girl should send me an email...
SHOUT-OUT TO ALL THE CLUBS, matter of fact!
I've been heavy in the club shit!
Shout-out to Speed!
Shout-out to Club One, Deep, 40/40!
But I'm a tell ya somethin'!
Not only... are the clubs poppin' in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut...
But these clubs are poppin'... ALL ACROSS the country right now!
Now, the thing about it is that there's NO AGE...
There's NO DRESS CODE! Matter of fact...
The party is so exclusive...
That you DON'T EVEN HAVE TO COME... to the party!
That's what they do!
So, you don't need to pull out the whip!
You don't need to have the rims! You don't need to have the ice!
You don't need to have the nothing!
All you got to do... is be slippin'... when the "P.I.G.S" come through;
The "Party Invite GivenS".
When they come through, if you are not payin' attention...
OH! They'll definitely come and pick you up!
And matter of fact...
The blacker you are...
The easier it is for you to get in!
So, if you are a nigga... you will have NO PROBLEM...
Gettin' the "Party Invite GivenS"...
To send your ass right over to the party!
Niggas, y'all definitely get an easy pass!
But I'm a tell you somethin'!
I want the music right now!

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