Swallow Rain Songtext
von Sadie

Swallow Rain Songtext

Counted smiles are swept away by the tear-wind, and the withdrawn body temperature is freezing my chest
In an incomplete reality, merely my sad right hand is crying
Words that don't return
Swallow Rain, once more
I want to cry next to you
Swallow Rain, I want it to be
a necessity to you, who can't return
Is not my wish fulfilled through all eternity?
This quiet room is going to grow stale
I can't even remember the voice of your last moment
There's no shyness in the face reflected in the mirror
I seized the phone that shouldn't have been ringing
Swallow Rain, as it is
I crave the morning in which I don't awake

Swallow Rain, I wonder why
the unstopping rain is dear to me
I want to get away from the reality that does not come true.
My heart is blinded.
So always it depend on you.
I can't live without you, so change my mind.
Swallow Rain, obediently
I was afraid of the lonely night
Swallow Rain, I don't understand
I crave a meaning of living
Only one voice is wishing upon the flower blooming in the thawing snow
to not get lost
Seemingly ephemerally going to pass, not reaching, unable to protect
surely, never again
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