Dark Songtext
von Luke Sital‐Singh

Dark Songtext

You are the deepening mystery
When life is full of simplicity
You are the nagging doubt
The hideaway doubter
When everyone believes,
Everyone believes.

You are the abstract art of paint and poem
When our propaganda makes everything clear
You are the thirsty throat, the desert defeat
When there′s water everywhere

You are, you are, you are dark
You are, you are, you are dark

You are the silence the god gone missing
When the din of all belief is deafening
You are the stranger in the night time
Throwing us to the ground
When all we wanna do is getaway

You are the cloud of unknowing
When we know-it-alls know it all
You are never ever ever ready
And i've waited for eternity
And i want it all, yea i want it now.

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