Red Walls Songtext
von Roma Di Luna

Red Walls Songtext

Well, there's no snow
And the wind never blows
And people don't know what
It feels like to have cold bones
They don't know
At least that's what I've been told (repeat)

Red walls, red walls
And blue flowers
Your fortunes been painted and carved
The maid has packed her bags
And moved to Dallas
Spends all your fancy funds while we starve

A meeting of endings/ Undo all my leaving
I am a lonely feeling
Resisting my belonging to anyone
I know you know
That I am so very hard to hold

The month is your mother
She knit you a sweater
It don't fit the weather
But you don't hold it against her
Because you know
That Summer always brings the snow/('cold' 2nd time)

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von Roma Di Luna

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