Future Game (1982) Songtext
von Rockets

Future Game (1982) Songtext

The times are changing fast
Now this is a new generation
Our children are the start
Of the new electronic nation
And you'd be such a fool compete with their superbrains
It's a new coming race
Teenagers' life became so easy
Hope they won't fail the test
For machine games can drive you crazy
And you'd be such a fool to believe it was all in vain

The future game
It's in the air, nothing to spare, play it if you dare
The future game
Never the same, try it again, again and again
The future game
You've gotta choose, nothing to lose, it will never end
The future game

Space attack, laser fight
Endlessly self-regenerating
Video games, alright!
New programs for the people waiting
Nobody doubt the space invaders' a great big success

Future game...
Future game Future game,
Future game - Superbrains
Future game In the air

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