Cross the Universe Songtext
von Robin Bengtsson

Cross the Universe Songtext

Tell me what it's like
Surrendering when in war
Cuz I'm holding up my flag
I'm standing right here
On the lookout for...

The one that calls the final truce
Saying: -Hey, now what's the use
Tell me: You ready to fight?
Together we'll conquer doubt

And I've been holding on for you...

I've been crossing every ocean on this earth
But to find you I would cross the universe
I've been waiting for so long
I've been waiting to come home
Cuz Ive been holding on for you

Tell me how to pass
& Break through your defences?
You know I'll carry our love on a stretcher
Until they bring us down

Fear keeps ratteling our cage
But our faith will come to age
We'll be ready to fight
Together we'll conquer doubt

I've been holding on for you...

I would cross the universe
Keep on fighting though it hurts
Yeah, I would cross the universe

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