Command V Songtext
von Ritt Momney

Command V Songtext

Am I on your side
Or just on mine?
Are you still there in every way that you were?
Am I on time?

I don't want to watch you fall in love
I don't want to watch you fall in love

Unless you're in my arms the whole time
Unless you're in my arms
I've been waiting to say that I want you so bad

I say I think your dog knows that you're leaving soon

He's got a sadness in his eyes that I've seen before
I'd lay my head down too if you left me room
But for now, I'll keep my legs crossed on the floor
Lift me to my feet
And I'll sit back down
Waiting here for you
To come back around

I don't care if you're
Sitting here right now

If you leave tonight
Then today won't count
Can you hear me now?
I will sprint 'till I see you

On the nearest flight if you tell me, "I need you"
Give me two or three nights then I'll fly back home
Give me two or three fights just so I can feel you
Feeling something for me
Let me know you care
If I'm losing this game
At least make it fair
'Cause I'll need you around
But you won't be there

There were cold days
Back when I would float like a feather
Moving with the wind it could take me wherever
All my friends stayed knit into a nice warm sweater
It came undone quickly in the stormy weather
Take me somewhere better

Instead it took me here
Tried to find my place
I just found my fears
And I lost some friends
Even lost some tears
I need human touch
I need someone near
It doesn't have to be you
At least not anymore
You know that beggars can't choose
But I'm only a beggar 'cause I want you desperately bad
And I can justify whatever with the fact that I'm sad
But why am I deserving of somebody like that?
It's easier to just avoid the thought and stay on my back

She's not my friend
She never was
I don't wanna stay till the end
This movie's killed me
Time and again
I don't need my friends this time
She said she's fine
I doubt she lied
She kissed me and she said goodbye
In the moment she cries
I die
I grab her sides
"Here's my shoulder
Bury your head"
She opened up my chest instead

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