Simple and Plain Songtext
von Rick Ross

Simple and Plain Songtext

Yeah, I'm really a nice guy, I say that to say this
I've seen a few dirt bags i head I need to be knocked off
I can't get to you right now, I'm under surveillance
So basically, the government giving you a lifeline
But me and my nigga? keep it simple and plain baby
You know, I'ma come?

It's important how they? me
Or if revolvers spin like rays, in my low fade
I'll recall coppin' work with tips my hole saved
I'mma smack? if I get no played
No hard feelings, I gotta ball my heart
Time to scar the city, who ridin' with me?
Next in line, the ballman right hand of the Don
Your life lie right here on my palm
And when you fuck up that, right there in my ball
Target use,? with Scott missiles, cock pistols
Come and get me gangster, I left the doors unlocked
And when terf's not around, I'm the one that call the shots
Ball the blocks,? the Glocks, keep all the blocks
And bitches? the tops? stop
We all on top? we call the tops
Speak for the block, speak French for the cops
Sweet links full of rocks? for the narcs
Pig meat to the socks, Beijing bitch in the drop
Wink to the cops, we could make a bitch stop speak to the cop

Simple and plain, we comin' to it triple the game
Sniffing the caine, dipping the rain sick in the brain
Simple and plain, we comin' to it triple the game
Cripple your fame, dip in the range, we sick in the brain

Who would ever think it would come down to us?
When so much jealousy surrounded us
Back to back? weaponry surrounded us
Survive the heat, we coming with the loudest shit
In the path I supply the bricks, I handle dimes and nicks
Clothes, shop around five or six
Shop for clothes, spread around five or six
Apply the rules,? when we fry the fools
Silent gooks violent? Carol city it's fine as cool
Hide the tools, in a violent? play? rules
You ride with who? Allies join hands, lets unite the states
I don't like to wait, I like to waste, celebrate, like?
Make a wits and keep it to yourself
Look the way I spit, I can't keep it to myself
Took a leap into the wealth, keep you bleedin' in yourself
I came from semen on the shelf

? you know? I walk on water
Sign autographs, have you chalk for a porter
Any further information please contact my lawyer
Under surveillance, by agents across the border
Squeeze fund from slums, to south?? and guns, throughout my quarters
Your negative vibe, tellin' me you're beggin to die
The weapon will fry your left side, from your head and you die
AK back seat and at a '75 ready to fire
Touch me for my? you better be lyin'
Let it be flyin' I'm at the head of the line
Rapper body with a head of a lion

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