The Ride Out Songtext
von Richard Clapton

The Ride Out Songtext

I'm estranged by circumstances
Beyond my control
Spent my life oh so futile
Upon my father's road

Overheard him talk to strangers
He needs someone to blame
He's trying to hide, he's telling lies
But can't communicate

I been tryin', tryin' much too hard
I don't hold the ace of spades
'Cause I don't play cards

I'm seeking to extend my freedom
Outside of my mind
Drifting on and vaguely searching
For hope in the Northern Lights

Oh, this house can get you down
You don't see too many smiles about
Something's gone wrong
I was hoping to find peace at home
But instead I find I'm on my own
I'm gettin' out, I'm on the ride out

We need hope and motivation
To justify the roles
You and me, we've long been playing
Upon this stage alone

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