Give it Up Songtext
von R.A. the Rugged Man feat. J‐Live

Give it Up Songtext

(Give it up!
But it′s just no use!)

(Give it up! Oh Lord
Give it all to you
I try, but it's just no use!)

Hey yo, give it up, buss you up, no fuss, blood gush
Cuss much, Russ Meyer bust nuts, crunch crush
Guts bust, what′s what? The white King Tut
Out in Suffolk, look who they dug up, yup, it's the Rugged
On a record with J-Live, I could hardly believe this
I never thought I'd be rapping on no record with school teachers
Pamphlets from the eighties, library, lies buried
TV, tell lies visually, kid you with me, hostility
"Humility, hillbilly, gorilla, he mentally ill, he silly
Is he actually? Will he kill me really?"
All that stuff you heard about me, is probably true
Heard I got the AIDS virus, I probably do
Ammunition spitting isn′t missing, isn′t you listening?
Slithering, ridden in sin, slipping, sin delivering
I'm sickening with sinning, sizzling rhythm, verbally hit him
Did he did it, or did he didn′t admit it?
Pretend he ain't offending the men and women
Every minute he in it, only
Every illiterate ignorant critic will diss it
Every idiot that ain′t live it, they talking shit
I'm R.A. the Rugged Man, get off, my dick

Give it up, for the Gods & the Earths, ladies and gentleman
All the human families, the wicked can′t stand me
The righteous man hands me the mic, it's uncanny how
One man's penalty, is another man′s reward
The label pun′s ironic, courtesy of this sport
Still can't stop a grown man from pressing record
A free man can either be freedom or free label
When you spent, what you make, to keep making, you can′t save
A damn thing, no savings, that's how life will enslave ya
That′s why I strive daily; to be my own savior
I know when shine glows and reflects in my behavior
So caught in between checks, I still demand respect
So give it up, if your mission's belittling my position
As a microphone physician, making you listen
Me and Rugged Man relate, through a previous poem
Like he said, I′m mad famous, for being unknown
On records for ten years, I can hardly believe it
Never thought I'd be perceived, as just some rapping school teacher
Just some dude, that can cut and rhyme, same time
Just some conscious kid, that's trying to save the world through rhyme
Just another underground, hand-to-mouth microphonist
Stop in mid rap, just to stop you in your tracks
This will stomp you on your track, justice is not just
Another ordinary rapper, I′m the Crown Royal block
With a velvet bag, matter of fact, and since the swagger is back
And backed by, a whole nation of millions
You can′t hold me, my new floor is my old ceiling
That's why I′m guaranteed to leave you with something you lack, so just

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