Levis Songtext

Levis Songtext

Levis exurgit Zephyrus
Et sol procedit tepidus
Iam terra sinus asperit,
Dulcore suo diffluit.

Tu saltim veris gratia
Exaudi et considera
Frondes, flores et gramina,
Nam mea languet anima.

Quod oculis dum video
Et auribus dum audio,
Heu, pro tantis gaudiis
Tantis inflor suspiriis.

Ver purpuratum exiit,
Ornatus suos induit,
Aspergit terram floribus,
Ligna silvarum frondibus.

Cum mihi sola sedeo
Et hec revolvens palleo,
Si forte capud sublevo
Nec audio nec video.

Translation by kjc007:

Zephyrus gently expels heat
And the sun proceeds with warmth
And breathes on the earth′s cup
He flies in sweet stitchery

You youth dance with grace
You perceive and consider
The branches, flowers and grass
You sing in the languid breeze

Because I see while I have eyes
And we hear while we have ears
Oh, for such great delight
Such great breath to blow.

Spring leaves in purple splendor,
Wraps us in ornate stitchery,
The earth is made of strong smelling blooms,
Trees are made of branches and leaves.

I take pleasure in holding fast
And looking into the dimness,
If by fate I am left blind
I will neither see nor hear all this.

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