Here on the Eerie Songtext
von Prefab Sprout

Here on the Eerie Songtext

It's much more beguiling, than children at play.
The mind meets dilemma, with a heart in decay.
How they reconcile art with... what was I going to say?
I called because you're in a position to help.
With a limited talent, but impossible wealth.
How they reconcile love with...
It sure is a problem... but don't go away.
Cool critique of new gomorrah, or schoolboy crush on che guevara,
Face yourself or... give it away.
Hearys grow numb and consience weary, mutiny here on eerie,
Face yourself or... give it away
Don't start pretending, you've feelings anguish,
If you'd prefer to dance.

Please stop talking, of things you know nothing.
The truth well will make you ill.
So chew on the safest, the blandest of food.
And avoid the specifics, that might ruin the mood.
A universal prescription... continues to elude.
Love becomes you, a happy burden.
But other liver stay neatly curtained.
Recognize that, it won't go away.
Hearts grow numb, and conscience weary, mutiny here on the eerie.
Face yourself or... give it away.
This star crossed lovers business, astrologeewhizzness,
Go rhyme your runes in june.
Don't turn tearful, or mystical on me, I'm not your seventh son.

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