Moby Dick Songtext
von Peter, Sue & Marc

Moby Dick Songtext

A noble king you ruled the ocean
A million years or maybe more
Before our hands had set in motion
The killing wheel of love and war.

You saw the sailing ships that found you
And thought it must be all a game
Until the seas grew red around you
Thtt water coloured with our shame.

Moby Dick
God wasn't on your side
Moby Dick
You had no chance to hide
For nothing's save before the human race
Moby Dick
Who's gonna take your place?

Before the whaling schooners caught you
You lived and died in peace of mind
What higher wisdom could have taught you
No one can win a race with time.

Goodbye Moby Dick
You have to die
Although you've never done no harm
And when you're gone we'll all be wondering why
We killed a friend to keep us warm.

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