Dancing in Madness Songtext
von Pallbearer

Dancing in Madness Songtext

Dripping personification
The putrid liquid
Washing all away
In the edge of mind
Lurks bleak sacred monster
Null incarnate
Defeater the way

Locked within a spell
This ritual repeats itself again
The drained one
dancing in madness
Inverse horizon stretched out
before the shivering frenzy
The serpent whispers
And the haze must return

Again the moments stop
Replaced by falsehood
Perverted image
Of the self arise, impure
Non beginning
In a self-fulfilling doomsday
Believe in your own end
And your wish will be fulfilled

Unforgiveness thrives
We cannot survive
Time -- we'll pay the price
You will not survive

In the dying of the flame
A solitary piece
Remainder of the sane
A shattered bell
In shadows still rings
And the night crying bird
Laments the loss of its wings

Even alone
The wretched voice still calls
On a not too distant day
The sky is soon to fall
The wounded one may try to search for sleep
Even in deepest night
The softest voice will sing

When all but night has gone
And hands are filled with dust

There's no one else
Who can take the blame
For those deeds are yours alone

And everything has gone away
In ceaseless erosion

In the languid sand
The seeds of pain
Are sown to grow once again

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