Stages Songtext
von 40 Watt Sun

Stages Songtext

If I was only wise enough
To know everything sure and true about myself,
You would not be here.
What have I brought you to, my love, that you have followed me?
It is all my heart is worth
And more than I would ask of you.

But I was afraid of a world where you did not exist;
An empty space I was not walking through.
And you were there between myself
And the darkened wings;
You took the pieces of our lives
And made us something new

But now you don't see me trying, do you?

So if you want to surrender, then I will too;
Or if you want me to carry on, then I will do.
And the night falls around us,
Pressing us apart
With the weight of silence -

Such is my love for you.

The heart of the matter, that the both of us can't hide,
Beats on against us
With the rhythm of the tide;
And through this apathy,
Wider than the sky,
I'm feeling everything like nothing in my life.
I'm feeling everything
Like nothing
In my life.

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