Ballad of St. Anne's Reel / St. Anne’s Reel Songtext
von North Sea Gas

Ballad of St. Anne's Reel / St. Anne’s Reel Songtext

He was stranded in a tiny town on fair Prince Edward Island
Waiting for a ship to come and find him
A one horse place, a friendly face, some coffee and a tiny trace
Of fiddling in the distance far behind him

A dime across the counter then, a shy hello, a brand new friend
A walk along the street in the wintry weather
A yellow light, an open door, and a "Welcome friend, there's room for more
Then they're standing there inside together

He said, "I've heard that tune before somewhere but I can't remember when,
Was it on some other friendly shore, did I hear it on the wind
Was it written on the sky above, think I heard it from someone I love
But I never heard a sound so sweet since then

And now his feet begin to tap, a little boy says, "I'll take your hat."
He's caught up in the magic of her smile
And leap the heart inside him went, and off across the floor he sent
His clumsy body, graceful as a child

He said, "There's magic in the fiddler's arms and there's magic in this town
There's magic in the dancers' feet and the way they put them down
Smiling people everywhere, boots and ribbons, locks of hair
Laughter, old blue suits and Easter gowns"

Now the sailor's gone, the room is bare, the old piano's setting there
Someone's hat's left hanging on the rack
Some empty chairs, the wooden floor that feels the touch of shoes no more
Awaiting for the dancers to come back

And the fiddle's in the closet of some daughter of the town
The strings are broke, the bow is gone and the cover's buttoned down
But sometimes on december nights, when the air is cold and the wind is right
There's a melody that passes through the town.

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