In Your Face Songtext
von Mustard Plug

In Your Face Songtext

Here i stand enjoying my freedom
spending sparetime at a place i like
Trouble seems so far away
when suddenly there comes a feeling ...

...of fear

Alloversudden i get hit in my face
by a security - what a disgrace
I dont remember causing trouble at all
so why did that sucker just bring me to fall

Laying on my back with a bleeding nose
Hoping to get help from one of those
standing around me and watching my fall
But they are'nt able to help me at all

I still don't get it - what have i done?
Can somebody tell me why i was the one
beeing thrown out with my nose broken
let me assure you this won't be the last word spoken

It goddamn wont be the last word spoken!

Someday - sucker - it'll be your time
to be the one who is wondering why
the world around you has turned uspide down
Then i'll watch you laying bleeding on the ground

It doesnt have to be me who has to get
revenge on you but i bet
even a security has someone to fear
But in your case no one will shed a tear

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