World of Promises Songtext

World of Promises Songtext

Dark shadows of steel are cast
By the never-ending graves
Caskets filled with blood and bone
Reach like endless ocean waves

What a world of promises
What a world made anew
We are all so very blessed
Every wish is now in view

Like nails through my eyes
Cloudy skies pass the years
Like glass shards in my heart
They can't hide all the tears

Forever lost...

A future of...

What I'd do to have it back.
A sky above that isn't black
What I'd tell you if just I could
What I'd give you, all I would

There's no one left worth knowing
There's no one left to love
There's no refuge left for me
There's no more future of...

A future of...

I see your face when I close my eyes
I feel your touch in my memories
This world is dead

I hear your voice when I close my eyes
I feel your love in my memories
But you're all dead...

A future of...

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