Flash Delirium Songtext
von MGMT

Flash Delirium Songtext

Mild apprehension
Blank dreams of the coming fun
Distort the odds of a turnaround
Gut screams out next to none

So turn it on, tune it in
And stay inert

You say "I've got the backbone"
The back way to escape the gun
Climbing a tree with a missing limb
And not saving anyone

And now it hurts
To stay at home
And see flash
The mirror ball's throwing mold
You can't get a grip if there's nothing to hold

See the flash catch a white lily laugh and wilt
But if you must smash a glass first fill it to the hilt
Plants, as far as I know are still
Still bending toward the light
And if we dance
Until the heart explodes
It'll make this place ignite
And even if this hall collapses

I can stand by my pillar of hope it's just
A case of Flash delirium
Here's a growing culture
Deep inside a corpse
Ages stuck together
Takin it to the source
Timeless desperation

Pictures on a screen scream
"Hey people, what does it mean?"
Comfort keeps us nice
So quick to donate everything
Die wolken drifting blinding smiles circling (einkreisen)
And time's tingling spines

Attaching hands to floor
The rosy-tinted (flash)
The hot dog's getting cold
And you'll never be as good as the Rolling Stones

Watch the birds in the airport gathering dirt
Crowd the clean magazine chick lifting up her skirt
Lines when I close my eyes and just (why close one eye and try to)
Aim blindly at the sun (pledge allegiance to the sun)
And hear love
When the ghosts start singing terrorizing
Everyone (When plastic ghosts start terrorizing everyone)
(Geometric troops aligning)
(Carried up to the burial mounds) with gold
It's a heavy load but your (My earthbound heart is heavy)
You rhythm makes it light (Your heartbeat keeps things light)
And explode
Like a violent star keeps threatening the night
(With the violence forever threatening the night)
And even if this hall collapses
I can stand by my pillar of hope and trust
That our heads won't bust
Sixty-six fifty-five red battleships
Fourty earth-like planets
Three holes two tits
One fork in its side
Zero tears in their eyes
Sue the spiders
Sink the Welsh
Stab your Facebook
Sell sell sell
Mass adulation not so funny
Poisoned honey
Pseudo science
Silly money
You're my honey

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