I Know Songtext
von Meaghan Smith

I Know Songtext

It's in our hello
In the way your smile glows
And it's in our good bye
In the tear in your eye
And all in between
When you're lookin at me

I know I know I know
What you don't say

It shimmers through
In the things you do
When you write me a note
And send it by the post
What you might not sign
On that bottom line

I know I know I know
What you don't say

Words are not needed
And though my ears could be misled
My heart can hear instead
What goes unsaid

You'll leave me with this
A hug and a kiss
And that little phrase
Those three words you can't say
But please don't feel blue
Cause I always knew

And I know I know I know
And I love you too

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