Please Songtext
von Mary Gauthier

Please Songtext

I'm not here as a friend
I have a job to do
It's strange to find my work
Should lead me here to you
Chris knows all about you
I have shown him all this
But I think that it's time
You know all about Chris

Please, don't you see that's all I live for?
I have him and nothing more
At night, everything that's not him
Disappears behind my door

Please, he went crazy when he lost you
Spoke to no one for a year
Then he finally said "I'm home now,
My life has to go on here"

Please, let me finish talking, please
This was three whole years ago

Yes, yes I know
I know how pain can grow
When the rock you hold onto
Is a love miles away, listen:

Please, I already know the story
Take us to the U.S.A.

When we've finished here, you'll see him
Chris arrived with me today!

Oh Tam! He's here!
He is here, he's so near
We might breathe the same air tonight!
Your father's here

Oh Tam, it's true
My dream was right
You'll see him soon!

I can't tell her like this
I should not be the one
Chris must come see his son

Don't you see we've been
Watched over?
As we crossed
The wildest seas?
Even god wants us together
Can I end this journey,

They don't say
In the files
There's a woman in love here
What sustained her for miles
Chris still knows nothing of
Can I end this journey

(JOHN, unable to tell KIM the truth, returns to the hotel to inform CHRIS and ELLEN of the
Impossible situation. The ENGINEER doesn't trust any of them, least of all an American GI
Who has fathered a bui-doi son, and goes in search of CHRIS'S hotel address so that he can
Send KIM there directly

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