Between the Daylight and the Dark Songtext
von Mary Gauthier

Between the Daylight and the Dark Songtext

Well, the grasses are swaying, sun's going down
Music is playing, you? re weaving through town
Pull into the drive way, toss it in park

You stare out of the windshield, out into the world
It was all for the love of a wayward girl
Who left you with a second place smile and a broken heart

And the streetlights are starting to flicker to life
They glow for a minute then they get bright
Fireflies light up, circle and spark

There? s nothing really that you can do
Put your hands in your pockets, try to get through
The distance between the daylight and the dark

And the front porch flags lie themselves down
Like forgotten soldiers and old wedding gowns
In closets unopened and graves without any marks

As the night curtains lower behind the rooftops
Shadows dance across the sidewalks
And ricochet off of the houses like pieces of art

And your mind is reeling as the sky is changing
All you? re feeling and you? re re-arranging
The rest of your life like lines on an old sailors chart

You climb back in, fire the ignition
Put your hands on the wheel, head into the distance
The distance between the daylight and the dark

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