Edony (Clap Your Hands) Songtext
von Martin Solveig

Edony (Clap Your Hands) Songtext

Edony was the name of an Egyptian princess
A model of beauty, brilliance and perfect grace
Once she decided to arrange a party
For herself, ten of her friends

Edony, your hair is floating like a golden rain
Just clap your hands and I will come again

Edony first saw her grocer
And bought from him dry fruits, shelled almonds and all for dessert
She was talking in this [Incomprehensible] tones
And most refined language

Edony, I will do anything to be your friend
Just clap your hands and I will come again

Edony then saw a perfumer
And took from him two loaves of sugar and orange flowers
She was walking smoothly, her shoes pearled with silver

Later on the party was going on
The guests were all cheering and applauding
It led the merchants of Tunis to the gates of the mansion

Edony asked everybody to come on in
The rumor of the festivities was heard all over Tunis
This is how is born the word hedonist

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