Majestic Songtext
von Majestica

Majestic Songtext

Princess, in the night
Be aware of what's in sight
Fallen from liberty, to a world of
Changes, now you see

Beautifull hair, a mighty dress
You are the coming queen
Soon when you realize,
The evil inside your own castle wall
You will carry on be strong

Hear the kingdom rise
And your father mighty king
He who can not see it all, he will
Always see you as number one
Never give you up for sun

Seven mighty warriors
Who lives in harmony
Maybe short but our
Heart is strong and always
See the light in dark
We will shine and spark

Far in the sky
High above the wintersun
If you
listen closly you can
hear our song

We are the seven warrior
We won't surrnder
We will be true and always
Comfort you
We are majestic warrior
Always beside you
Your beauty shine so bright
Can you see the light

Hear how they call
It's creatures of the night
You can hear their warning
Someone's watching you

Heaven is clear tonight
We will be by your side
Don't ever
Don't ever take a bite
if someone offers you
Forbidden fruit...

If you would fall a sleep
Someone you love you so deep
Will bring you...
Back to life again
No curse is stronger than true love

From a kingdom far away
Here you are we hope you'll stay
True love's first kiss will set you free

Someone hear you where you are
life will end and you won't get far

Now sleep is over you
You're waiting for true love kiss
To wake you up again
Dark eternal bliss

Evil has come to fall
Now you have seen it all
We will be with you till the end

Now the day has come at last,
You will rise again
From your eternal sleep and darkness

Turn around, he's standing there
Love it shine so clear
He has come to save you now
Heaven, Starshine, Higher we will fly
Magic still surround us
Like a Dragonfly we'll Always
Be There, see the
Light of world tonight
Fantasy become Reality when
Dreams don't feel so Haunted
Even when you try to see
The evil it has passed
Our Prince has brought
Her back to life
Smile and see that evil will forever cry
Our journey ends tonight

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