You Got Me Songtext
von M-Hunt

You Got Me Songtext

I used to
I used to want to love you
Back when you had my heart like
Here no one can take this from you
I wanna leave so fuckin badly but you
Got me cursed, you drive me crazy
On my nerves, you got me baby

Woah, I am lost in chains
Somebody help the pain
I want this dame
So damn bad but dang
This lady cannot be tamed
But she chains the dragon well
And when flames got to hackin′
Out the mouth, she makes it go away just like magic
Have we not met sooner (I don't know)
Your a rare catch like red tuna (Yeah)
This shit ain′t never gonna happen
Lemme get my head out the med cooler (Yeah)
Your a pump fake like Chad Johnson (What)
You never fuckin fail to make me mad constantly
Like hypocrisy (huh?)
Cause when I do it to you, it's always a problem see (Yeah)
And I guess I'm just a fool
You want my monopoly
You got to me
Cause I like you B
,But you got a boyfriend
So I′ll borrow a line from Royce
Cause I′ll bring a toy then (Brrt)
Cause I'm a dog (Ruff)
And I been training for pounds
Fuck it lets go three rounds
I beat your ass down to the ground
Call that ground and pound
And while he′s down, you ain't showing no frown
And then we go three rounds
You jump into my arms and we just go to town

I never loved you, I just played fake
All them boys at my feet, I just take take
Eat the pussy up thinking it be steak steak
Bit of pepper on that shit for the taste taste

I′m just tryna get my bands up, boy
Ain't got time for love or men now, boy

Baby I cannot be tamed
Yeah, I′m a lioness, I'm untamed
When I hit the top, I'm gone make it
I don′t need to try or go fake it now

Yeah, shawty wanna pull up with her all-new family
Shawty wanna roll up in an all-new Bentley
Shawty wanna pull up in an all-new Royce
Start the car when it hear my voice

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