Walls (track by track) Songtext
von Louis Tomlinson

Walls (track by track) Songtext

This is probably my favorite song on the album
Eh, definitely the song I'm most proud of
Eh, we, we wrote this song pretty close
Maybe a week after writing 'Kill My Mind'
Eh, and I wrote, obviously Jamie and 'Kill My Mind' as well
And in terms of how we wanted this song to sound and feel
We kinda wanted to let the the lyric torking and not overcomplicated the production

When we originally started writing this song
Jamie started playing on this 12 string and instantly, eh, I thought it was great
He's someone who's great with melody naturally
And I think he really understands me

Eh, we also which was that, a new experience to me
Joining 'Walls', ah, joining the recording of this song
We went to Angel's Studio in London and we did some live strings
Eh, and that was a, that was a proper moment across this album for me
You know, I can't remind how many people were there but they were, they were ponny
Eh, and they're all there for me, all there for my song
You know, and it was, I think it's a great song and it definitely, ah-mm, gets what it's need
Ah, there, ah, the live strings, I think it really add something into the song
And it was just a real proud moment for me along the album

Conceptually, we start it, eh, with the Chorus
And 'Walls' and the idea is, you know, of kind of not letting your good down friendly one
Until you meet that, the curtain person
And then you have the confidence to kind of let people in

Ahn, over than the fact I mean, it's just me, it's my favorite song
It's the song I'm most proud of
Eh, I think it's an interesting concept
Walls and generals, and I thought for provoking title
Ah, but more than anything it's, it's just my favorite song, why I'm showing off!

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