Too Young (track by track) Songtext
von Louis Tomlinson

Too Young (track by track) Songtext

Quite a simple song really
Eh, again didn't need too much production
Ah, and conceptually it's one of, it's
Ah, I wrote it from the point of view of
How much responsibility you can have at young age of potentially meet in
You know, the girl that you're gonna spend the rest of your life with
And that says, heavy responsibly
You know, for any age and especially, you know, tryna deal with that Eighteen
And understanding that being matured enough to deal with that

Ah-umm, so yeah, kind of just conceptualize that
And, and, and put it into the song

This was one of those session
I'd comfortably say, "This song took the longest"
Eh, this song itself was written melodivly quickly way
But some producers like to work very-very meticulously
You know what I mean
And this was one of those session
I was definitely there all thy
But well worth it and decent too

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