Perfect Now (track by track) Songtext
von Louis Tomlinson

Perfect Now (track by track) Songtext

I think out of every song on the album
Probably represent like a true One Direction style lyrically eh, definitely
And as I listened to this song you know, it's almost an extension of some of the early One Direction stuff
And this quite of vulnerable but sweet lyric to it

Ahm, and melodically again, it's Jamie what, Jamie, Jamie do it more, Jamie do his best
It's got very catchy Chorus
When I listened to this album, top to bottom
And I'm kinda confident that it'll be a fan favorite, this one

Yes, so when I, when I wrote with Jamie eh, which is like 3 days at Jamie's eh, house and
In that time we wrote about 3 songs
But this song in particular 'Perfect Now' was written
Maybe in like 2 or 3 hours
And sometimes is the keys-wave, you know, a-a really good song that
You know, you get some moment in it and it almost rise itself really
We had some of the decent song from that session
But this was a real standard and sometimes again
That I think the fans will hopefully enjoy

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