Don’t Let It Break Your Heart (track by track) Songtext
von Louis Tomlinson

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart (track by track) Songtext

This was single I was really excited to release
One that I'm really proud of
This song itself is another one of those song
That's takin' about hope and scene 'The glass's half full'
Eh, and we probably wrote this song about 12 month ago

And it's one of those that I've been singing for a while
That I was really excited for the fans to hear
I performed it for the first time in, in Madrid
And there was a great reaction from there
Ah, and then performed it at another giga house in Mexico
And again, incredible reaction

Ah-umm, so that one's a bit of a, a bit of a song for fans really
Yes, other than I always come back to hear this song
Is the opening riff, funny electric guitar
I think it's really beautiful, really well-done by Wrabel
I think who came up with that

Ah-umm, and yeah, just one of those songs that I think
You know, you gotta let the melody and let the lyrics to the strokin

I stand out lyric for me
Ah-umm, on this song in this second verse
Start the second verse, it says, It's comes and it goes
We're driving down in a one-way road to something better
Everytime I listen to this song
That line kinda stands out to me
Ah-umm, I think it's toward the volcain
I think it's interesting
So yeah

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