Get Me Out Songtext
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Get Me Out Songtext

get me out

spread my wishes in the crowd - If you want to know about
I send my message in the blue - for it's gonna get to you

get a taste of what we like - It just hides so deep inside
can't explain but can't ignore - recognise what we explore

and I could be through with you - I shoot my bullets in the blue
get me out this state of mind - turn around and leave me kind

change my selfish point of view - cause my life belongs to you
turn me on and drive me wild - spin me round and leave me kind

so get me out today – take my life (love) away

an old tar standing on solid ground
a photograph showing a man in a crowd
a bicycle race or a day on the beach
a girl or a man so far out of reach

the silence in a room or a word comes around
disappointment on a day when time runs out
working overtime and a night without sleep
a place to rest we offer for sweet

a real good song and a radio on
a party in a place where you still belong
some friends shaking hands and a thin white line
a red and a blue one coming up behind

a young boy waving - remember the past
and someone who wishes this day won't last
a quaint little house or a small town café
a real good joke on a day like today

so get me out today – take my life (love) away

I've made my way to china – I've made my way to spain
I'm gonna cross that bridge – don't turn around again

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