Sooner or Later / [unknown] Songtext
von Lord of the Lost

Sooner or Later / [unknown] Songtext

Sooner or later I′ll be a traitor
Sooner or later I will betray
But even a traitor, sooner or later
Is learning that love is finding a way


Sooner or later I'll be a hater
Sooner or later I′m killing again
But all of my failures, sooner or later
Will be the remorse of a dying man

The core is cracking in two
Two halves, one for me, one for you
But even with a broken heart
I still believe in love...

The thorn is braced in the deep
The anguish is making me creep
But even with an open scar
I still believe in love...

Sooner or later I will be greater
Than all of the fears
In our cold broken hearts
I heal the hatred
And sooner or later
I'm closing the scars
And i believe in...

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