Superstar (Where You Are) Songtext
von Lincoln Brewster

Superstar (Where You Are) Songtext

"To serve You Lord is a delight
And I just won't give up this fight
Lord I'll finish the race
Pressing toward the things above
As I'm covered in Your love
'Till I see You face to face

You are my superstar
You are my superstar
I wanna be where You are
And I love you

To know You Lord is a delight
I worship You with all my might
You're the one I wanna chase
Pressing on toward the prize
My reflection in Your eyes
When I see You face to face

(Repeat chorus 2 times)

Jesus nothing compares
To what You've done in my life
And You are my one and only

You'll never leave me or forsake me
You're my friend 'till the end of time
You are my superstar

(Repeat chorus 2 times)"

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