Carter Talk, Part 2 Songtext
von Lil Wayne

Carter Talk, Part 2 Songtext

Now shorty lets get down to business
If you want it, you can get it
all you gotta do is hit me and it's on
I know its been a minute, and you aint got time forgive me
But Im comin to my senses, I was wrong (I was wrong)
When you row like me, on your [?] like me
You will wake up all alone and you will see, see, see
Im at an all time low, we dont talk no more
Cause I want you back, I need you girl, it's all I know

Talk to me, talk to me, talk
Walk with me, walk with me, walk

How can we ruin something so perfect, so fluent
We was young, We was dumb, We aint always do it
But now that we older, older
Lets take this things slower, slower
Reset the button, button
And start it all over, over
I cannot stop what im feel, [?]
I aint gonna lie to you girl, I want you all to myself
Cant forgive for being stingy though
Take you all the places that swear you never been before
Why is this so difficult, this should be the easy part
Believe me if you need me [?]

No matter where I go, No matter who im with
I always think of you, cause baby your the shhh
I love your body girl, theres no denying that
I will not rest, I will not sleep, like an imsomniac
I keep you up all night, you know I get it right
I give it to you fast or slow, or anyway you like
So give it one more chance
Now how you want it if we pick up where we parted
we can finish what we started girl

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