No Looking Back Songtext
von Leo Sayer

No Looking Back Songtext

When there's no more looking back
And you feel you've loved in vain
You try and hide your sorrow
Now you're alone again
So you block out your emotion
Laugh it off and carry on
Sayin' why do I have to feel this way
Was loving you so wrong

If I could only turn around
One more time for old time's sake
I'd pick up all the pieces
From the mistakes I made
Did I give myself completely
Or did I hang on for too long
Ah, but what's the use of me talking this way
Now that you're gone

No looking back, it's over now
All over now
I tell myself I'm glad
It's over now
All over now
It's over now

But if I ever love again
Oh, I won't be played a fool
I'll put in my performance
This time I'll know the moves
It's not that I'm feeling bitter
I've no bitterness to show
And all I'm really trying to say
Is that I wish I'd never let you go

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