Bonnie Please Don't Go Songtext
von Kevin Johnson

Bonnie Please Don't Go Songtext

She′s leavin'
She′s leavin'
She's on the ship now and leavin′
Standing by the gangway tossing streamers over her way
I find it kinda hard believin′
My subtle game of deceivin'
Standing here and waving, blowing kisses and behaving
Like it doesn′t matter much to see her leavin'

I don′t know what I don't know who
I don't know where she′s going to
I only know she′s going out of my life
Across the sea of waving hands and Colonel Billie's farewell band
I watch the disappearing face of my wife
And I′m doing all I can to hide the sad confusion of my mind
And to brace myself with every trick I know
But though my lips are beating time
To the words of Auld Lang Syne
My voice keeps on defying
Crying Bonnie please don't go

That fool in me
Persuading me
To hide the broken pieces of my dignity
When a simple reassuring word
Just to reach out and comfort her
Was all I had to say
To keep her here with me

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