You (Or Somebody Like You) Songtext
von Keith Urban

You (Or Somebody Like You) Songtext

Outside my window, I swear on my mamas grave,
Faded out the street noise like a, out of focus polaroid,
So I shot the moon, and I cursed the wind,
Making me think that you were, here again,
Smoke and mirrors, somebody stole you away,
Thats the biggest conspiracy since, JFK,
So we combed the corners, and glass houses,
Right directions, but, never found it.

Well I'd trade in all the rest of my days,
Just the mere reflection of your face,
For one shining moment...

With you, somebody like you,
With you, somebody just like you,

We called inspectors, the cops and the CIA,
The drew chalk circles round, the place that we used to lay,
But nobody testified, not a single witness,
Swore I was crucified with, no forgiveness,
The sheriff shined his light like I was drunk and dangerous,
My hands were already tied, so he, put away his handcuffs,
And in my blind spot blindspot, I saw the silhouette,
Of your crazy legs smoking, long black cigarette,
But I'd trade in all the rest of my days,
Your crooked smile, your wicked ways,
I'd fill up all this empty space,

With you, somebody like you,
With you, somebody just like you,
Oh you, somebody like you. oh

Now I shoulda learned my lesson,
Done what I was told,
Shoulda counted all my blessings,
like fingers and toes,
And now I'm, tripping like a blind man,
And searching high and low,
For you, somebody like you
For you, somebody just like you...

For you, somebody like you,
For you somebody just like you

Yeah... yeah somebody just like you
Somebody just like you...

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