Green Eyes Songtext
von Kate Wolf

Green Eyes Songtext

Every night we light the candle
That stands beside our bed,
But sometimes the flame's too much to handle,
That's what you said.
That's what you said,
And you should know,
Because you built a fire in me and you made it burn,
You followed me watching every move,
Matching every turn.

Your green eyes they don't miss a thing,
They hold me like the sun going down,
Warm me like a fire in the night, without a sound.

You were waiting till I heard,
Just as patient as that love light in your eyes,
And never threw away a word, or ever talked in a disguise -
I ought to know.

You were a beacon to a sailor lost at sea,
I saw it in your eyes when you looked at me, so openly.

The first time I ever saw your laughter break loose inside and tumble out to me,
My heart knew it had found what it was after, and it came so easily we should know.
After all the years of the hard and lonely times,
Now our days go by like best friends' story lines,
Yours and mine.

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